Friday, March 19, 2010

Why Using CMS = Benefits ??

Several years ago, if you can remember the online market in a debate about whether to go for open source or commercial sources for content management systems. Over time, we were not able to reach firm decisions but change our own style in our own individual level. we will use an open source content management system and commercial. However, in general, such as commercial content management systems, open source CMS is also evolving. This is no longer difficult to find a CMS panel that can be adjusted according to user preferences. Let's look and benefits of open source CMS.

First, you will not need to pay to have access to open source. If you pay you will take advantage of a commercial content management system. Even if you do not pay still possible that you can receive support and updates.

Second, commercial CMS provides limited support for changes to the user. Like the code, the owner is not allowed to change the code. Effectively meant that if CMS does not meet your business needs will be difficult to make changes. Open source on the other hand welcomed the change in the code, also welcomes the user to redistribute the code. This effectively allows you to increase the expertise of other users / developers in the industry.

Third, the greatest of all the features of open source content management system they come in a universal capacity to adapt and install on any platform. This is a great feature in most commercial CMS system deficiencies. You'll find systems designed CM where they have a requirement for users to make sure before they can operate.

Finally, as an open source CMS is managed by the community. You'll often find that the templates and plug-ins that are available only for free, there are usually plug-ins that satisfy most business needs.
In addition, you will receive from the commercial content management system is directly related to the amount of money you spend on contract support. Although the lead time on the response and the call quality is very good response can be very expensive. One advantage of CMS is that you will receive a response from the public about problems you may have. This is usually the response from the people in the industry who use the product and always have valuable information for you.

It is important that the knowledge and skills of users are affecting the use and application of content management system itself.



mortgage refinancing said...

Is wordpress machine also CMS? or is it only machine such as Joomla?

Actually, I like Joomla, but I feel, It's more difficult to manage, and I can not change the template. I think, wordpress is better.

But some people said, Joomla is easy to manage.

Dinarni Efta Sutrisna said...

I agree with you...joomla is easier to manage than wordpress. but for me, the main problem for joomla is getting wonderful template for free^_^, its different with wordpress where it is very easy getting quality template

Jimmy Ahyari said...

Well.. I Agree with you Dinarni Efta Sutrisna.. I choose WordPress :) so many plugins and themes. And, the important thing is FREE to Download :D

Anonymous said...

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