Monday, September 23, 2013

World Economy Enters New Phase

The world economy is entering a new phase . Developed economies strengthened though not as expected . As for economic growth in developing countries slowed . Towards the new equilibrium , Indonesia must adapt . 
World Bank Managing Director Sri Mulyani Indrawati , in a speech at the meeting of APEC Finance Ministers in Badung , Bali , on Friday ( 20/9 ) , reminiscent of the world economy is entering a new phase . This was reaffirmed at a press conference on the sidelines of the event . 
 " In this meeting ( of finance ministers Economic Cooperation Forum Asia Pacific / APEC ) , the main message is about the development of the world economy that would , among other things , against the backdrop of The Federal Reserve statement that will delay the tightening of monetary stimulus . The world economy into a new phase , " Mulyani said in a press statement .  
Economies in the developed world , according to Mulyani , an indication of a more positive , although not as fast as expected . U.S. economy improving , though still fragile . Europe has gradually recovered meskin slightly negative growth. In the second half of 2013 , growth is projected to be positive . Japan remained steady at 2 percent growth rate . 
Greater risk 
 Meanwhile , developing countries , especially in the Asia Pacific region accounted for 50 percent of world gross domestic product , at greater risk . This is mainly related to policy changes at the level of the world and domestic challenges each country . 
Export demand coming from developed countries and China ngara , Mulyani predicted to slow . China itself is changing its previous strategy of economic growth depends on exports and investment . These will all affect the Indonesian economy which is heavily dominated commodity export structure based on natural resources . 
 " If we want to improve the competitiveness that need to diversify exports , to expand the industry means our ability to be very important . It desperately needs a policy in the upstream sector , including funding to facilitate infrastructure , " Mulyani said . 
 The amount of raw materials imported by Indonesia , according to Mulyani , not to worry because it increases productivity . It must be observed is that imports of consumer goods . 
Meanwhile , former Vice President Jusuf Kalla , in the presence of more than 300 businessmen Asia and Europe Summit in Singapore , Saturday ( 21/9 ) , in Singapore , said that currently , Indonesia should also speed up the industrialization process that encourages the growth and development of manufacturing . 
 The event was opened by the Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong , Friday ( 20/9 ) night , attended by a number of Indonesian businessmen such as Chairul and Uno Uno . 
 " In the midst of corruption and misuse of funds spotlight , Indonesia must continue to improve governance with a massive anti-corruption efforts and targeted , " Kalla said . 
Kalla said the government should also realize and accelerate the development of infrastructure to improve the competitiveness of Indonesian products . " The issue of Indonesia , among others, is a matter of infrastructure . Indonesia 's too late to build roads , ports , airports , power plants , and others so that the competitiveness of Indonesia weaker than other nations , " said Kalla 
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