Friday, February 20, 2009

Great Mailing List For Your Business

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Still worry about this services ? I recommend you not to worry about anything in this great offer because heritagelist is very great company that have a real cPcity and capability to bring your service going to the top. As additional information, American Heritage Data Corporation is one of the greatest company that will help you build your mailing list, telemarketing lists and direct marketing solutions for your own business no matter how big or small your business. I very recommend you to use their services because they will bring you to the top of success.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Promoting your Business Using Affiliate Marketing

You started your own online business, everything’s there; your website’s running, every link in it is functioning as it should be, the products or services you’re selling are there, but your sales are at an all time low.

Why? You probably thought that starting an online business just requires you to put up a functioning website; this is where you are wrong.

Starting an online business is not as easy as it seems. As with other businesses, you have to advertise your products in order to lure people in and start buying your products.

So just how do you advertise in the internet?


There are a number of ways to promote your online business in the internet. One of them is through affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs works by posting your banners and links to other websites. Most of these are free; you only pay affiliates for every customer referrals from their website who buys your product.

For example, Customer “A” visits your affiliate’s website, then customer “A” gets interested in the product you are selling, and then customer “A” clicks on your link or banner in your affiliate’s website. Customer “A” is then redirected to your website so that he/she can buy the product you are selling.

You then pay your affiliate with a specified amount of commission for that product.

How would you find affiliates who would want to post your links and banners free?

There are so many people in the internet willing to post your links and banners free. People like to use affiliate programs because they practically do not have to do anything hard through this form of advertising.

All they do is promote their website in order to generate targeted internet traffic to their website, therefore, generating targeted traffic to your website and produce more sales.

All they do is hope and pray that a visitor from their website will buy your product in order to get a commission.

To find a good number of affiliates who are willing to promote your products free, you first have to sign up with an affiliate-tracking program.

After signing up, you now have to make a decision on how much you are going to pay your affiliate for each sold product.

You then design some banners or text link that your affiliates can use to post in their website.

Now you are set. All you have to do is wait for affiliates to sign up in the affiliate tracking program and start promoting your products.

Although affiliates can promote your products or services free, you still have to take care of your affiliates in order to promote your product more diligently and with loyalty.

To get affiliate’s loyalty and get them to work harder in promoting your products, pay them well. Give your affiliates a high commission rate for every products sold with their referrals. Not only that it will keep your affiliates from leaving you but it will also attract more affiliates to sign up for you.

You also have to track the sales generated by each and every affiliates referred to you. If you have lots of affiliate, you can easily track their referrals and sales through the affiliate tracking company you signed up for.

You also have to pay your affiliates as early as possible for their sales. Letting them wait for months will discourage them to promote your products and leave you. For this, you have to set up a minimum payment requirement in order to track which affiliate you have to pay.

Be professional, answer questions from emails from your affiliates regarding your affiliate program as soon as you can. Do this in a friendly and professional manner.

Create an affiliate’s newsletter. This is a great way to show your support your affiliate and a great way to give them tips on how to market your products more effectively.

Give your top affiliates bonuses for the sales they bring you and include them in your newsletter for your affiliates. This will get your other affiliates to work harder in promoting your products, and a little competition is good for your affiliates.

Create an affiliate’s only chat room. This will enable your affiliates to speak with each other and discuss about how to make your products to sell more. Providing them with chat rooms or discussion boards will show how much you support them. It is also a good way to give tips and advice on how to market your products.

Affiliate programs are a great and cheap way to advertise your products. Your affiliates will work hard if you give them enough benefits and bonuses for promoting your products or services.

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Why Choose Affiliate Marketing as your Online Business

There are many online businesses coming out today. You might have seen a website selling ebooks or different kinds of services. With so many online businesses coming out with selling the same products, these businesses cannot succeed with proper advertising.

This is where you come in. You can offer to advertise for them or sign up as an affiliate.

An affiliate program works by giving you a commission for every product they sold to every referral you directed to their website. Some affiliate programs will offer pay per click.

This means that if a visitor from your website clicks the link or banner of the company you posted in your site, they will pay you, if different people or users of your website make the clicks.

Since there are so many online businesses wanting to sign up websites as an affiliate, you will never run out of clients. There will always be new online businesses that will open up. If you do affiliate marketing right, you will never lose.

Affiliate marketing can be such a great business, especially for people who are considering starting an online business at home. With good internet traffic, your earnings in affiliate programs can be enough to make ends meet.

Affiliate marketing is a great business for every type of people. Whether you are an average person with a regular job or a student who wants to make extra cash or whether if you are a stay at home parent who wants to help with the household expenses, affiliate marketing is perfect for everyone.

Affiliate marketing allows you to start your home business right away.

All you need is a website and an investment of a little time, a little effort and a little money to get good internet traffic in your website. Sometimes if you are good in promoting your website, you need to invest no money at all.

Here are some of the reasons why affiliate marketing can be a great business:

To start with, you need no actual products or services to sell. Most people start their online business selling products or services; this can lead to spending more money, depending on what type of product or service they sell.

In affiliate marketing, all you have to do is create a website with specific topic and post a link of your affiliate that sells products or services that is relevant to your website topic. For example, you can create a website that discusses scuba diving equipments. You then put up a link in your website of other websites that sells different kinds of scuba equipments.

Depending on what kind of website you set up, you need no actual customer service. This means you have no need to employ people, therefore, saving money for salary and of course, office space.

You are your own boss. In addition, since that is the case, you get to choose what website you want to sign up as an affiliate. Remember that you have to choose a business that suits your website.

Affiliate marketing can give you lots of free time. What you need to do is just set up your website, advertise it and set up your affiliate program. After that, you have all the time in the world to do what ever pleases you.

However, you should also check your website and update it from time to time to keep visitors interested in your website. For example, your affiliate’s products have upgraded, you also need to update your topics regarding the new features and products.

Once you have a good amount of internet traffic and subscriber list, you become an affiliate magnet. Businesses who depend largely on affiliate marketing to promote internet traffic to their website will often offer you to sign up for them as an affiliate. Sometimes, some businesses will even offer you a bonus by just signing you up as an affiliate.

These are just some of the reasons why affiliate marketing is a great business. There are many possibilities in affiliate marketing. All you have to do is be creative in promoting your website. Try to advertise your website by writing articles and posting them in article publishing websites, this is a great way to increase targeted internet traffic in your website.

In addition, keep in mind that internet traffic means more visitors who will likely buy the products your affiliate program is promoting.

For you to be successful in this field, make your website as attractive as possible. You not only have to get good web traffic but you also need keep visitors coming back again.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

How To Avoid The 3 Most Common Affiliate Mistakes

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective and powerful ways of earning some money online. This program gives everybody a chance to make a profit through the Internet. Since these affiliate marketing programs are easy to join, implement and pays a commission on a regular basis, more an more people are now willing in this business.

However, like all businesses, there are lots of pitfalls in the affiliate marketing business. Committing some of the most common mistakes will cost the marketers a large portion taken from the profit they are making everyday. That is why it is better to avoid them than be regretful in the end.

Mistake number 1: Choosing the wrong affiliate.

Many people want to earn from affiliate marketing as fast as possible. In their rush to be part of one, they tend to choose a bandwagon product. This is the kind of products that the program thinks is “hot”. They choose the product that is in demand without actually considering if the product appeals to them. This is not a very wise move obviously.

Instead of jumping on the bandwagon, try top choose a product in which you are truly interested in. For any endeavor to succeed, you should take some time to plan and figure out your actions.

Pick a product that appeals to you. Then do some research about that product to see if they are in demand. Promoting a product you are more passionate about is easier than promoting one for the sake of the earnings only.

Mistake number 2: Joining too many affiliate programs.

Since affiliate programs are very easy to join, you might be tempted to join multiples of affiliate programs to try and maximize the earnings you will be getting. Besides you may think that there is nothing wrong and nothing to lose by being part of many affiliate programs.

True, that is a great way to have multiple sources of income. However, joining multiple programs and attempting to promote them all at the same time will prevent you from concentrating on each one of them.

The result? The maximum potential of your affiliate program is not realized and the income generated will not exactly be as huge as you were thinking initially it would. The best way to get excellent result is by joining just one program that pays a 40% commission at least. Then give it your best effort by promoting your products enthusiastically. As soon as you see that it is already making a reasonable profit, then maybe you can now join another affiliate program.

The technique is to do it slowly but surely. There is really no need to rush into things, especially with affiliate marketing. With the way things are going, the future is looking real bright and it seems affiliate marketing will be staying for a long time too.

Mistake number 3: Not buying the product or using the service.

As an affiliate, you main purpose is to effectively and convincingly promote a product or service and to find customers. For you to achieve this purpose, you must be able to relay to the customers that certain product and service. It is therefore difficult for you to do this when you yourself have not tried these things out. Thus, you will fail to promote and recommend them convincingly. You will also fail to create a desire in your customers to avail any of what you are offering.

Try the product or service personally first before you sign up as an affiliate to see if it is really delivering what it promises. If you have done so, then you are one of the credible and living testaments aware of its advantages and disadvantages. Your customers will then feel the sincerity and truthfulness in you and this will trigger them to try them out for themselves.

Many affiliate marketers makes these mistakes and are paying dearly for their actions. To not fall into the same situation they have been in, try to do everything to avoid making the same mistakes.

Time is the key. Take the time to analyze your marketing strategy and check if youa re in the right track. If done properly, you will be able to maximize your affiliate marketing program and earn higher profits.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Google AdWords Is Not Google AdSense

It is interesting to note just how common and daily vocabulary has changed with the times. Five years ago, if you asked someone to google up something, he might not understand what you mean even if he was familiar with the search engine of that name.

Today, however, everyone knows what you mean. That can only point to Google’s popularity and how it has come to be identified with looking up information on the Web. One can only imagine what new words Google, and companies like it, will introduce to the vocabulary five years from now and what they could possibly mean.

Even now, there are new terms that are making the rounds in everyday conversation – words that Google has invented. If you’re at all familiar with advertising on Google, then you’ve probably heard the terms AdWords and AdSense.

Perhaps, though like most people, while you may be familiar with terms you may not know what they are actually referring to. One mistake that’s commonly being made nowadays is to interchange AdWords and AdSense, thinking that these two mean the same thing.

Fundamentally, interchanging them is a mistake because the two words are referring to two different things albeit they are very closely related to each other. This article will help you understand the differences between them, how they work together – and perhaps more importantly, how it can help you earn a little more money on the side.

AdWords and AdSense are part of Google’s advertising arm that is part of the company’s growing range of services. If you’ve used Google to look up information, then you’ve encountered AdWords. They are the text ads that appear on the results page of your search.

AdWords works by matching a Google user with Google’s paying advertisers. But instead of just showing random ads that the user you may not be interested in (or worse, be irritated at) Google will present ads that have something to do with what the user is currently looking up.

Take Sam, for example, who is looking up information on rock climbing. Sam types in the words “rock climbing sport” and hits the search button. Google will then present Sam with a list of webpages that contain information about that topic. Along with this listing, there appear text ads from companies offering products and services regarding rock climbing as a sport.

One of these companies is owned by Jim, who runs a rock climbing facility in the town Sam lives in. Jim is able to advertise on Google by signing up his company’s website with AdWords. He tells Google that he’d like his text ads to appear on result pages for the keywords “sport rock climbing” which is what Sam used to look up information. This is how Sam is able to see Jim’s ad on Google.

However, Jim doesn’t pay Google for just showing his ad. He doesn’t pay anything until someone like Sam clicks on the ad to visit Jim’s website. This is the pay-per-click (PPC) system, which is fundamentally how AdWords works.

Part of this setup is the ability of Google advertisers, like Jim, to set the price of how much the cost per click (CPC) will be on the ads posted on Google results pages. Popular keywords like “sport rock climbing” may command a higher CPC compared to other less popular keywords, but may be just as effective when it comes to advertising on Google.

AdSense works along side AdWords. While AdWords are text advertisements that appear inside Google’s results pages. AdSense are AdWords that appear outside Google’s website and onto other people’s websites.

Take Jen, for example, who maintains a website for the local rock climbing enthusiasts group. As part of their fundraising program, she enrolled the website on Google AdSense. By signing up for AdSense, Jen’s website will display AdWord advertisements that are related to the content on Jen’s website – in this case, about rock climbing.

Now, take Sam (still remember him?) who is still looking for information on rock climbing. Jen’s website is part of the listing that appears on Sam’s search inquiry on Google. Sam clicks on the link that leads to Jen’s website.

Sam browses through the website and reads up on climbing trips Jen’s group have organized. Along with that article, an AdWords advertisement is posted. It just so happens, that the ad is for Jim’s climbing facility. Sam, who is now more interested in taking up the sport, decides right then and there to visit Jim’s website.

By clicking on the ad, Sam has caused two things: 1. He caused Jim to pay Google the agreed CPC for placing his ad and 2. Jen’s website earns a part of that CPC by allowing Google to show Jim’s ad via AdSense.

This setup has made it possible for users like Sam to find information efficiently and be presented with AdWords from companies that are relevant to his search. Businesses like Jim’s can advertise effectively without needing to spend so much with AdWords, while website publishers like Jen can earn money by signing up with AdSense.

With AdWords and AdSense, Google has managed to give people the information they need while connecting them to others of similar needs and interests. The fact that it can make fair money out of it can only add to how cool it already is.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

11 PTC Asli Indonesia

(Diupdate 14 Pebruari 2009 / waduh, aku sampe capek dapet info terus PTC Indonesia sampe nulis artikel baru ga selesai-selesai ! Kira2 apalagi ya tambahannya?he..he..)

Hello friend, sekarang saya mau sedikit membahas beberapa PTC asal negeri kita tercinta ini, Indonesia. Boleh ya? Untuk yang belum tahu apa PTC itu, bisa dibaca disini ! Memang sih, saya kalau PTC ga banyak ikut, paling cuma beberapa yang saya ikuti dengan serius soalnya saya lebih suka bertarung di dunia iklan ama affiliasi(walah...kayak udah master aja padahal juga masih belajar...hehehehe). Walaupun udah banyak yang ngebahas ini, ga ada salahnya kan saya ikut ngebahas? hehehe...

Ok dech, dimulai aja ya? setahu saya saat ini, ada 8 PTC yang berasal dari Indonesia, mereka adalah "Klik Rupiah", "Indo PTC", "Klik Aja Dech", "NgeBux", "Klik Game", "SecureBux" sama "Langkah Baru" plus "Rahasia???". Apa ada yang kurang ya??? ah ntar ajalah. Wah gimana ya ngejelasinnya??? Mau dimulai sekarang ?? hehehe..mau tahu lebih jauh??

Langsung aja ya dimulai membahas satu per satu :

1. Klik Rupiah

Ini dia program PTC yang saya rasa menjadi PTC terbesar Indonesia selain Indo PTC. Program PTC ini saya bisa unggulkan karena sudah banyak pembayaran yang diterima, semoga saja PTC ini tetap eksis ya? Untuk nilai perkliknya, saya rasa standar ya?Rp 100 untuk setiap klik 1 iklan dan nilai klik referral Rp 50. Disini, kita disediakan 10 iklan perhari jadi dengan tarif Rp 100, kita dapat Rp 1000,- perhari. Eiitss tapi inget itu untuk kita sendiri, lain ceritanya kalo kita beli referral. Punya duit?Beli referral aja ??? misal punya 100 referral n semua aktif, lumayan lho...hihihi tapi ya jangan beli referral aja, upgrade ke premium member biar nilai klik temen2 jadi Rp 150 n nilai klik referral jadi Rp 100

Mau tahu gimana ngitung potensi pendapatannya? gini lho cara ngitungnya, klik disini. Aku cantumin sedikit ya apa yang tercantum di web resmi Klik Rupiah,

Nilai Per Klik : Rp 100
Referral Klik : Rp 50
Payout : Rp 50.000
Anggota Biasa : 38632 (per 26 Januari 2009)
Anggota Premium : 256 (per 26 Januari 2009)
Total Payout : Rp 95.291.350
Total Klik : 2.138.449 klik

Asumsi pendapatan:
Jika Anda klik 10 iklan setiap hari, dan mempunyai 100 referral, dimana mereka klik 10 iklan juga setiap hari, maka Anda akan memperoleh Rp 18.615.000,- per-tahun.(standar member). Udah dulu ya tentang klik rupiah??bingung nich nulis apaan, heheh...lanjut..mau daftar ???boleh lewat sini kok? tapi kalo ga mau jadi referral saya juga gapapa, hehehehe...


2. Klik Aja Deh

Program PTC ini masih baru, baru launching 20 Januari 2009 lalu. Nggak tahu ya ini perasaan saya atau emang bener, konsepnya mirip banget kayak klik rupiah. Dengan nilai perklik juga Rp 100 dan referral Klik Rp 50. Lha..terus saya mau nulis apa lagi nich...???/hehehehe....saya cantumin beberapa FAQ di Klik Aja Dech aja ya?

Apakah situs Klik Aja Deh?
Klik Aja Deh adalah sebuah inovasi bisnis saling menguntungkan, GRATIS bagi member untuk bergabung, dan menjembatani antara pemakai internet dan pemilik usaha untuk mempromosikan produknya pada halaman "Lihat Iklan".

Kapan Saya dapat meminta pembayaran?
Jika Saldo penghasilan Anda telah mencapai Rp 50.000 atau lebih. Anda bisa melihat saldo pada halaman Status dan meminta pembayaran kepada kami. Setelah login, Status Anda bisa dilihat dengan meng-klik menu My Stats. Kami memprioritaskan pelayanan pembayaran melalui transfer Bank BCA dan Mandiri. Akan tetapi kamipun juga melayani pembayaran ke bank lain dengan kriteria dan aturan tertentu.
Permintaan pembayaran Anda akan segera diproses dan transfer akan dilakukan dalam 2 - 7 hari kerja.

Saya tidak mempunyai rekening di Bank Mandiri atau BCA, bagaimana?
Transfer ke rekening selain Bank Mandiri dan BCA akan dikenakan biaya yang akan dipotong dari Saldo Anda.
Segala hal tentang pembayaran lebih lengkapnya bisa Anda baca pada Aturan & Layanan KlikAjaDeh

Sekarang saya mau cantumin statistik sedikit ya?
member standar : 2771
member premium : 6
Pembayaran : ???

Nah, tuch kan mirip banget ama klik rupiah??? Kalo gitu daripada pusing mending yang belum daftar ayo daftar aja dech, hehehe daftar disini boleh kok, ga mau jadi referral saya? boleh juga gapapa. Semoga bermanfaat ya?


3. Indo PTC

Ketiga, walah kayak undang-undang aja???hehehe...Indo PTC. Situs PTC milik anak negeri yang berbahasa inggris, aneh kan?saya juga bingung??? Tapi kayaknya emang ditujuin ke dunia internasional ini PTC. Di Indo PTC, kita dibayar $0.01 setiap kliknya, setiap hari ada 10 klik. Referral?Cukup separuh saja nilai kliknya yaitu $0.005 ya masih standar lah, iya kan?

Oh iya, meskipun Indo PTC ini berbahasa Ingris, anda tidak perlu khawatir soalnya pembayaran juga melayani lewat bank jadi pembayaran anda bisa ditransfer langsung di rekening anda sendiri. Oh iya, buat batas payout nya $3.00. Udah, mau ulis apalagi nich??? udah dech yang belum daftar, monggo daftar aja, hehehe terserah mau daftar lewat blog ini ataupun langsung ke situsnya, semoga bermanfaat ya?


4. NgeBux

Ok, PTC ini saya juga baru tahu, abis diomongin ama mas danta langsung dech ke TKP , hehehe... Ok dech saya mau ngebahas PTC ini sedikit aja ya? Kalo anda dalam PTC lebih suka dengan bayaran yang lebih besar...yupzzz, saya rasa ini jawabannya. Gimana nggak?untuk nilai kliknya aja Rp 150 untuk standar member dan Rp 200 untuk premium, keren kan? sayangnya dibalik nilai klik yang besar, maka nilai klik referral diturunkan jadi Rp 25 untuk standar dan Rp 75 untuk premium, asyik kan?

Sekarang saya mau ngecantumin beberapa hal dari Ngebux ini :
Nilai per klik : Rp 150 (standar) & Rp 200 (premium)
Referral Klik : Rp 25 (standar) & Rp 75 (premium)
Payout : Rp 50.000
Upgrade : Rp 350.000
Beli 50 referral : Rp 350.000

Udah dulu dech ya tentang NgeBux, nanti kalo ada perkembangan saya update lagi dech...he..he..


5. SecureBux

Waduh apalagi ini?? semakin cepat aja perkembangan PTC di negeri kita tercinta ini ??? hehehe ini info saya dapat dari shoutbox saya. Lagi-lagi, PTC baru di Indonesia, SecureBux. Udah dech, saya to the point aja yah??? Secure Bux ini agak berbeda dengan PTC lain karena domainnya menggunakan .cn. Hingga saat artikel ini dibuat pada 29 Januari 2009 jam 20.30, member mereka sudah hampir 250 orang. Untuk nilai kliknya, ga usah ditanyain lagi, masih tetap standar Rp 100 dan klik referral Rp 50. Tapi aka bertambah kalau kita upgrade

Sekarang boleh ya saya cantumin sedikit dari situs mereka :
Nilai per klik : Rp 100 (standar) & Rp 150 (premium)
Referral Klik : Rp 50 (standar) & Rp 100 (premium)
Payout : Rp 50.000
Upgrade : Rp.450.000
Beli referral : Rp 50.000 (5), Rp 350.000(35), Rp 900.000(100), &
Rp 4.500.000(500)

Mau Coba, monggo sudah saya sediakan linknya :
DAFTAR SecureBux

6. Paling Hot

PTC termuda dari Indonesia saat posting ini diupdate ini hadir tepat di hari Valentine. Apakah ini PTC cinta??? tahu ya. Langsung aja ya penjelasan seperti apa PTC PalingHot ini. PTC ini menawarkan sesuatu yang berbeda dibandingkan PTC yang sudah ada sebelumnya. Apa itu??? Ternyata nilai klik dari situs ini hanyalah Rp 50/klik (standar member) dan Rp 50 juga untuk referral klik. Sementara untuk premium member, nilai kliknya menjadi Rp 100 dan Rp 100 juga untuk referralnya namun disini premium member dipastikan minimal dapat 10 iklan (menurut yang tercantum di situs). Ok dech ini statistiknya :

Nilai per klik : Rp 50 (standar) & Rp 100 (premium)
Referral Klik : Rp 50 (standar) & Rp 100 (premium)
Payout : Rp 50.000
Upgrade : Rp 1.000.000
Beli 35 referral : Rp 600.000

hmm..mahal juga ya?? Tapi biarlah, bisa jadi salah satu alternatif mendapatkan tambahan recehan dari dunia online, iya nggak? Ok, cukup dulu dech tentang palinghot, kalau mau ke situsnya ini saya kasih linknya:

DAFTAR PalingHot

7. Rupiah Bux

Eaa...hehe apalagi ini...kok banyak amat PTC Indonesia ya??? Langsung aja ya...RupiahBux ini juga PTC baru kok?. Nilai per kliknya adalah Rp 100/standar member dan Rp 150/premium member sementara klik referralnya Rp 50/standar dan Rp 100/premium. Lau untuk besarnya payout sendiri adalah Rp 50.000. Pada saat posting ini diupdate, anggotanya sudah 1300an. Udah dech...gara-gara kebanyakan PTC jadi bingung nulis apalagi...langsung aja statistiknya :

Nilai per klik : Rp 100 (standar) & Rp 150 (premium)
Referral Klik : Rp 50 (standar) & Rp 100 (premium)
Payout : Rp 50.000
Upgrade : Rp
600.000 (belum dibuka saat update ini)
Beli 5 referral : Rp 65.000

kalau kurang ntar bisa ditanyain lewat komen ya???bingung nich mau nulis apa...ok dech buat yang mau go to TKP sekarang, ini sya kasih linknya biar cepet...hehehe.

DAFTAR RupiahBux

8. Bux Rupiah

Nah lho.....sama yaa kayak yang atas???hehehe..... ok dech friend makanya saya pertama juga sempat bingung, ini sama apa nggak??? ternyata BuxRupiah tidak sama dengan, kok bisa kebetulan gitu ya??? he..he.he.. Ok dech langsung ke BuxRupiahnya ya??

Bux Rupiah adalah salah satu PTC baru Indonesia. Tarif klik yang ditawarkan sama aja standar kayak yang lain yaitu Rp 100(standar member) dan Rp 150(premium). Klik referralnya pun sama Rp 50 dan Rp 100. Payoutnya sendiri sebesar Rp 25.000 saja. Yaa lumayan lah.hehe... Ok, langsung masuk ke statistiknya :

Nilai per klik : Rp 100 (standar) & Rp 150 (premium)
Referral Klik : Rp 50 (standar) & Rp 100 (premium)
Payout : Rp 25.000
Upgrade : Rp
Beli 5 referral : Rp 65.000

yaahh..bahasanya sama semua dech???hehehe...maaf ya abis kebanyakan sih makanya bingung..oke dech yang mau mampir ke websitenya ini saya kasih linknya: sok atuh diklik biar keluar websitenya,hehe

DAFTAR BuxRupiah
Lihat, Klik dapat uang

9. IndoRp

Ya...ya...ya...dalam beberapa hari saja udah harus update tulisan ini ampe 3 kali, fyuh??? Kali ini apalagi nich? Yupzzz...namanya IndoRp yang menurut saya beda dengan lainnya. Lho, kok bisa? beda apanya? he..he.. iya bener beda mulai dari tarif hingga desain websitenya. Tapi sebelumnya aku minta maaf lho ya? aku ga berani ngerekomendasiin ini ke semua karena sesuatu hal, ntar saya jelasin.

IndoRp ini saya sebutkan beda kenapa? ok dech saya bahas. Pertama, dari nilai klik ! Mungkin karena masih baru makanya nilainya untuk anggota standar adalah Rp 75 dan Rp 25 untuk referral. Berbeda dengan PTC Indonesia lainnya yg rata2 mencapai Rp 100 / klik, iya kan? Kedua, ini yang membuat saya tidak terlalu berani merekomendasikan kepada anda. Masalah desain ?? Kenapa? Jika anda mengunjungi website mereka langsung, maka anda akan tahu apa yang saya maksudkan. Ya...desainnya seolah-olah dibuat asal-asalan, sangat berbeda jika kita bandingkan dengan situs PTC lainnya makanya saya masih sangat berhati-hati.

Oh iya, untuk payoutnya Rp 20.000 aja, ok??? udah cukup segini aja dech, barangkali mau membuktikan langsung ini saya beri linknya :

Daftar IndoRp

10. Langkah Baru

Waduh, mohon maaf ya belum saya tulis soalnya pada saat saya akses untuk penyelesaian artikel ini kelihatannya ada masalah tuch dengan website langkah baru, maaf ya...hehehe, ntar kalo langkahbaru udah online lagi pasti saya update kok???

11. Klik Game

Wah apalagi nich ya??kok ga pernah denger? Info ini saya dapatkan dari mas Danta juga dari komentar blog ini. Setelah mengubek-ubek TKP, saya lihat PTC yang satu ini mirip2 clixsense gitulah... mulai dari klik gambar, klik iklan, dan tambahannya ada klik kuis, klik to join, klik quick, n klik pay. Untuk penjelasan bisa dilihat langsung di web mereka....hehehe...

Kalau dilihat2 lagi, saya belum sepenuhnya percaya pada program 1 ini karena sifatnya yang gambling dan tidak ada kepastian pendapatan. Misal klik grid yang saya coba semuanya hanya link referral pemilik web, klik kuis yang berhadiah 10.000 yang cuma ada 1 pemenang padahal dijawab banyak anggota, klik join yang meminta kita bergabung di link affiliasi owner, Klik quick yang tidak selalu ada, hingga klik pay yang iklannya minim sekali... Tapi kalo mau coba ya silakan, ini saya kasih linknya yaa...


Ok, dah semua aku tulisin disini. Ada komentar? kasih komentar ya? barangkali ada yang salah ato kurang? blogku ini sekarang udah do follow lho? hehehe.....makasih udah dibaca...

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Friend Finder Network

Banyak orang bertanya ke saya bisnis online yang diikutin apa aja sih? Jujur ya kalau saya jawab saya saat ini sangat concern dengan 2 jenis bisnis online mereka adalah dunia iklan alias ads dan juga dunia afiliasi. Kenapa? Padahal sebagai admin yang akan re-launching tentunya saya tahu banyak sekali jenis bisnis online yang ada? Iya sih, bukannya menyombongkan diri lho ya, saya memang tahu banyak soal bisnis online tapi menurut saya sekarang ini yang paling menguntungkan adalah dari iklan sama afiliasi. Mana ada sih pebisnis online yang ga suka bisnis afiliasi?? Iya nggak??

Ok dech, terus apa yang mau dibahas dengan judul diatas?? Friend, apakah kalian mau tahu darimana salah satu kerajaan dollar yang aku jalani selama ini??? Iya, aku ga bohong, aku sebut kerajaan dollar karena penghasilan yang dihasilkan luar biasa. Ga percaya? Kerajaan Dollar ku ini dalam bentuk afiliasi ! Coba bayangin, cukup dengan join gratis lalu ajak temen gabung gratisss….kita dibayar hingga Rp 20.000. Apa ga gila tuch? Mau tahu lanjutannya?

Aku ga akan bertele-tele kok?? He..he..he.. mau tahu kerajaan dollarku??? Dengan bangga aku sebutkan (he..he..) Afiliasi dari FriendFinder Network. Udah tahu? Kalo udah jangan dibaca, kalo belum ayo dibaca bareng-bareng..hehehehe. FriendFinder Network ini terdiri dari banyak sekali perusahaan yang menawarkan afiliasi kepada kita. Ada lebih dari 20 afiliasi yang bisa kita ikuti. Langsung aja dech, mau tahu yang termasuk FriendFinder Network plus berapa bayarannya??? Ayo dibahas yang bayarannya gede dulu ya??? :

1. FriendFinder
FriendFinder merupakan situs nge-date online dengan anggota terdaftar 1.836.795 dan unggulan konten. Situs ini ditujukan terhadap seseorang yg mencari cinta, asmara dan bahkan perkawinan. Pendapatan yang sangat baik untuk setiap situs web.
Disini kita bisa mendapatkan $ 25.00 untuk setiap order, berapapun jumlah pembelian (dimulai pada $ 19,95) atau hingga 100% dari biaya keanggotaan (antara $ 19.94 dan $ 139.95 plus bonus) atau $ 2,00 untuk setiap wanita dan $ 1,00 untuk setiap orang yang mendaftar secara gratis ! inget, ini kita daftar gratis dan terus dibayar segitu??? Keren kan??? He..he..he.. Mau daftar??? Monggo ini linknya :

2. AdultFriendFinder
Wah maaf lho ya sebelumnya, untuk ini memang promosi blog porno tapi masih dalam network friendfinder sih,. Tapi yang perlu digarisbawahi, hmm mereka membayar per kunjungan sebesar $ 1.00, Wow !! Gimana ga mau promosi, iya nggak???selain itu kita bisa mendapatkan $ 30.00 untuk setiap order. Apa ga gila tuch??? Mau tahu jumlah anggota aktif mereka? 33,464,058 active members yang membuat AFF salah satu situs terpanas saat ini. Mau buktikan??? Silakan mampir dulu ke web mereka, ini linknya :

3. ALT
Mau tahu apa itu ALT? Passion adalah program yang mirip AFF tapi yang ini lebih sopan? Lho kok bisa???he..he.. ntar dilihat sendiri aja dech, ok? Jumlah member aktif mereka saat ini mencapai 3,044,696. Berapa nilai yang mereka tawarkan? Mereka menawarkan $ 1.00 untuk setiap pengunjung unik atau 35% sampai 75% uang pendaftaran referral kita plus bonus, gila kan??? Monggo kalau mau membuktikan mampir dulu di website mereka disini :

4. OutPersonals
Yang satu ini dipergunakan untuk mencari teman gay, hehehe..ada-ada aja ya? Tapi gapapa bayaran mereka mahal lho?? Per pengunjung unik kita dibayar hingga $1.00, iya cuma masuk aja kita dah dapet bayaran, asyik kan? Atau jika referral kita upgrade kita bisa dapat 35-75% uang pendaftaran mereka plus bonus. Jumlah member mereka saat ini mencapai 1,407,660 Cool..ayo mampir :

5. GayFriendfinder
Yes sama dengan outpersonal, ini hanya untuk gay aja n mereka bersedia membayar $ 1.00 untuk setiap member yang join gratis atau 100% uang pendaftaran dari referral kita yang upgrade. Hmm…keren
JOIN GayFriendFinder

6. SeniorFriendFinder
Kalo ini beda lagi…buat yang merasa umurnya udah tua tapi belum punya pasangan disini bisa jadi alternatif buat cari pendamping. Iya, ini ga porno kok? Anda bias mencari pasangan dari tempat yang ga jauh dari kota anda bahkan bisa dari kota anda sendiri, asyik kan? Jumlah membernya 397,254 dan mereka mau membayar kita $ 2.00 per signup gratis ga peduli cowok atau cewek. Tunggu apalagi !!!

7. AsiaFriendFinder + KoreanFriendFinder
Sama aja kayak FriendFinder tapi ini dikhususkan untuk member dari asia, ya kayak kita-kita ini ??he..he.. ga usah kaget ya kalau saya bilangin kalo jumlah member mereka paling besar yaitu 8,419,202. Wow…keren abis. Bayarannya sama $ 2.00 per signup cewek gratis dan $ 1.00 untuk cowok, atau opsi lain bias dengan 50% uang keanggotaan jika referral anda gabung/upgrade. Mau buktikan?

8. ItalyFriendFinder + FrencFriendFinder
Hampir sama kayak diatas tapi ya yang ini buat orang2 italy atau perancis. Tapi toh apa salahnya join disini, iya nggak? Disini kita dibayar $ 1.50 untuk setiap free member ga peduli cowok atau cewek. Wew…menjanjikan bukan?
Udah ya, capek ngebahasnya,he..he.. ntar aku sambung lagi. Aku tulisin anggota Friendfinder network lainnya aja ya bisa dilihat sendiri?
9. Amigos ($1.50 for each woman and $0.50 for each man)
10. BigChurch ($1.00 per free member sign-up)
11. Bondage (50% for all new orders)
12. Breakhtru ($0.10 per free member sign-up)
13. Cams (20% commission on all sales)
14. Danni ($30.00 per initial order)
15. FilipinoFriendFinder ($1.50 for every woman and $0.50 for each man)
16. GermanFriendFinder ($0.25 for each unique visitor)
17. GradFinder ($0.25 per free member sign-up)
18. IndianFriendFinder ($0.25 for each woman and $0.10 for each man)
19. HotBox ($75 for every initial membership order)
20. Jewish FriendFinder (10% of referral's commissions)
21. MillionaireMate ($2.00 for every woman and $1.00 for each man)
22. NudeCards
23. Penthouse (60% on initial order)
24. Slim ($0.10 per free member sign-up)
25. SpringStreet

Udah yee…dada..byebye ..sampai ketemu di posting selanjutnya n jangan lupa komen ya?? N Kalo berkenan ayo gabung di situs2 diatas atau paling nggak berkunjung di no 2 , 3, atau 4 juga gapapa?he..he..he..ya???please !!! he..he..he..namanya juga usaha??ah udah ah byebye!

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