Friday, August 10, 2012

Agoda .... Book a Hotel For Your Holiday in Indonesia :D

Hello everyone, long time no information sharing: D. This time I want to share about online hotel booking sites, especially for hotels in Indonesia. The name of this site is 

I know this website as I plan to vacation with my wife on the island of Bali. Because I am confused how can I get some hotel on arrival in Bali, I decided to look for information online. and finally I found a website of Agoda.

 to get hotel information along with the pricing on the website is very easy. you just enter your arrival date and how long you will stay. Do not forget to also include the place where you are going on vacation. for example, because I am on holiday to Bali, so I chose the hotel around kuta beach.

Here, you can specify the hotel within the budget you have. charge from a low of about $ 20 or if you want a luxury hotel and you are willing to pay more, many 5-star hotel which costs around $ 100 and above. because I want to save, I just pick a cheap hotel but clean: D

at Agoda, I found some hotels that may be suitable for me. Price per night up to $ 40. I found a few options include: POP's Hotel, Pesona Beach Inn, Hotels Everyday Smart, Matahari Guest House. Until now me still have problems deciding, but it seems to me the choice would fall on the first two options. It is strategically located, close to the beach.

More information for this website, the system is using a credit card payment. do not worry, they are very reliable and safe. After payment, you will receive a hotel voucher in your email. After that, you just come and you can simply enter your hotel reservation: D

may be enough information from me ... enjoy your holiday. Do not forget, Indonesia is so beautiful and very dear if you miss it :)

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