Friday, March 19, 2010

General Guide Of HYIP ^__^ (Part 2)

7 HYIP Tips and Tricks

1. Choosing a HYIP program has the reputation and ability to pay a fine (Daily Return is always paying on time) to find info about it from different HYIP Forum and HYIP Monitor (Market Sentiment important contribution to the business continuity of a HYIP) -> This is the most difficult stage ..!

2. Do not know it was love. Invest in the most minimal amount in advance to find out the character of HYIP we choose. Well to avoid losses if the choice turns out we were wrong. Make a deposit, invest, check history, and then withdrawal re-invest/compound (note how long we accepted the deposit and how long the withdrawal disbursed).
3. Monthly Return of normal given ranges from 30% -60%. If the number is outside (below or above) then the HYIP program is included in the category of "High Risk". Some good HYIP is classified as category "High Risk". Invest funds in the smallest percentage of the total funds that you Portofoliokan.
4. Melt the entire Daily Return given for 1-2 months. Then let your initial funds to work. If market sentiment toward HYIP program you choose to change to be negative you are not experiencing significant losses even be minus your losses because you've taken the previous Return Fund exceeds the amount you planted.
5. Do not focus to one or two programs alone. For example if you have as much money as $ 100, it is best to distribute the 10 programs worth $ 10 each investment. If you have money to invest only in programs only 2, the probability of loss you can be ½ and not 1 / 10 as the first. Unless you believe in the program and of course berjaminan applicable capital security. (Capital Security)
6. Be Hit and Run, if it is lucky, pull your funds. Do not be greedy, try to get a little lucky.
7. Do not forget to write down all Acc.No, password, e-mail addresses of all the HYIP programs that you invest, including Exchange Duid Password / Password Click and Acc. You are in Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money.

Important terms in HYIP

1. Deposit: deposit funds.
2. Withdraw / Cashout: attract funds.
3. Refferal: affiliate programs that we offer to participate advertise HYIP programs related to follow others.
4. Refferal Cash Back (RCB): third-party agreement to provide some funds obtained from Affiliate programs to the downline.
5. Compound: the interest rate applied to the principal amount plus interest, which is produced in the previous period. Ex: an investor deposits $ 100. The next day benefit investors 1.5% and deposits reached $ 101.50. The next day the interest will be calculated as a percent of the $ 101.50 instead of $ 100.
6. ROI (return on investment): is the percentage offered by a HYIP site in their program plan. Ex: 2.5% per day.
7. Principal return: initial deposit will be refunded at the time of maturity.
8. Principal Include: profit at the time of maturity which includes our tabungkan deposit. Ex: invest $ 100 with ROI $ 15 per day and maturitynya 15-day period, then the total profit is 225% x 100 = $ 225.
9. Maturity Period: the end of the HYIP program plan is followed.
10.Calendar day: profits will be paid according to a count of the calendar (including Saturday and Sunday)
11.Business day: profits will be paid only on weekdays (Monday - Friday)



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