Monday, March 15, 2010

Verifield....My Best HYIP

Did you ever heard "Verifield"?? Verifield is one of the online investment program which is very popular today. With their ability and experience in the investment world, became one verifield current best HYIP. I myself have followed this program and I feel very profitable. In Verifield itself, there are several plans offered

Programs offered
Verifield offers 5 plans, with a minimum investment of $ 5 with investments starting from 3 days, 7 days, 30 days and 60 days, consisting of two short-term investments, and 3 medium-term investments, namely:

Diversified Commodities with a minimum investment period of 3 days, then after 3 days with a minimum fluctuation of around 1% per day you will get a total profit 103% including the point. This plan is suitable for trial and error.

Intensive Forex investment with minimum 7 days (by choice) with a minimum fluctuation of around 1.2% per day within 7 days then you will get profit 108.4%, including the point.

Nominal Income with a 30-day minimum investment (by choice) with a minimum fluctuation of around 1.3% per day within 30 days then you will get 139% profit, including the point.

Effective Gross Income by investing a minimum of 60 days (by choice) with a medium fluctuations around 1.6% per day within 60 days then you will get 196% profit, including the point.

Capital Income Securities Market with a minimum investment of 60 days (by choice) with high non-fixed rate fluctuations around 1.8% per day within 60 days then you will earn 208% profit, including the point.

Payment System
Verifield Receiving system payment like Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Wire Transfer, with investments from $ 5 only.

Verifield a security level of the most excellent, with a dedicated server located in Dragonara and protected from DDoS attact. Verifield also protect account by applying the coded SSL encryption. Also Verifield also apply 'SafeCard' which form a unique code to each account that we want to put any transaction like withdrawal.

Want to join?? hehehe...Click Here : Verifield



pt indonesia said...

High risk, high profit. I still do not understand how to play HIYP. If I want to play HIYP, I must learn hard first.

Thanks for this information.

It's great if within 30 days we could get 139% profit, wow ...

It's interesting. Maybe I have to learn it step by step.

keep success Mas D.E. SUTRISNA



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