Friday, March 19, 2010

General Guide Of HYIP ^__^ (Part 1)

+What is a HYIP?
HYIP is an investment program which offers high yield quickly. Like playing the stock, the more you invest, the higher your earnings. The difference with stock is HYIP can provide better results than a small amount of investment. HYIP can do this because some of their funding support and contribution from new membership. However, a long-lasting HYIP NOT and CAN NOT function on the basis of mere membership funds! They must have other legal ways to generate income. If not, then the HYIP is really moving Ponzi schemes were used and certainly will not last long.

+Ease Of HYIP
Here are the three main facilities provided by the HYIP:
1. Ease most of the world's number one HYIP is a small start-up capital! In the world of capital markets, you can invest capital only $ 10? Next To Impossible! In the world of HYIPs, you are allowed to invest the money even with just $ 1! Of course the profit you earn will not be optimal.
2. Next is no need to use a credit card. Most of HYIP programs do not use credit cards as a payment method, but they use the digital money service providers, LibertyReserve, Perfect Money, AlertPay, WebMoney, and many more (many HYIP programs that do not use PayPal because of fees that PayPal is very big required ).
3. The next convenience, is a digital currency, it is easy for us to conduct a transaction (deposit or withdraw money) without a complete document that is usually required to transfer funds between the state and the fee is much cheaper (especially if you use Liberty Reserve) when compared to transfer through banks or other money transfer services.
4. The number of hundreds of HYIP programs, with a variety of profit and offer a low minimum deposit to make us more free to manage the distribution of investment funds (also known as a portfolio of world capital markets). When coupled with risk management and proper investment, the possibility of loss can be reduced / minimized and profit earned can be optimized.

+Lack Of HYIP
When I previously praised HYIP, now it is time to open the character and nature of how the real HYIP!
• The main specter HYIP: 98% HYIP program on the internet is a ponzi HYIP program scheme. The remaining 2% is hyip players managed by stock / forex in the real world and HYIP programs with pyramid schemes.
• The second specter HYIP: survival of a HYIP program can not be predicted accurately. There can survive up to three years. There are only a few hours! But the short-lived programs like this have characteristics: generally offer profit per day was fantastic, over 100%! This fantastic HYIP program could be "live" for 1-2 days, and then calmly walked away with a bundle of money investing clients. So help yourself from the temptation of profit that does not make sense.
• The third specter: the age of HYIP program that is no guarantee of long! No one can guarantee, even such solid HYIP Genius Funds have the potential to bancrupt.
• The fourth specter: HYIP program that offers profit mediocre (1% -5% per day) and all of their programs seem "good" course, it also has great potential to be a crook!

+How do I invest?
To invest in hyip, first you must have a digital storage medium such as money, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and so forth. From the storage media, then you can deposit your money in exchange have become money online hyip sites that you go.

+How to Sell Sell Digital Money (E-Currency)
Well, then how do I purchase this digital money? Easy! Just like the way the money buying and selling traditional money changer: you buy a dollar with all these rates, the exchange rate to sell dollars with a few. as well as in e-currency, all this can be done in electronic, you can use some services such as E-Currency, and others.



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