Wednesday, August 25, 2010

10 Good Website / Recommended :)

Looking for information on the Internet at times hindered thousands of confused data. You can also cheat organization is more interested in the political values of a valid argument.

Here are 10 sites that are not really great site, but has the depth of material related to science.


Web users are advised not to miss this site. Not only information about the life of the earth, but also shows surprising facts, information, scientific well written.


Google Earth is not the only option for you to see satellite view and a world map. One by one, the weather satellite images of the earth, which is updated every day, is displayed and uses flash animation.

3. Times Online: Environment

Next to the Science pages of The Times, news and reports on / tolls / news / environment to all qualified individuals who are interested in the environmental magazine, focusing on the sea, forests, nature, and other materials.


YouTube video is a paradise for data search. The work of filmmakers showing their videos on this site where many of them of good quality.


This site offers a complete collection of the state of the world, significantly via webcam. Technological sophistication has accompanied this service.

6. Travel IQ

Geography best websites on the Internet competition, mikrosite of TravelIPod, a community of travel bloggers, has 12 levels of difficulty. You must comply with the standard score for a chance to level up.


The official website of The Nature Conservancy, an organization in the United States with 720 million members and specialized personnel with authority to each of the birds, dams and forestry.


Unlike the popular blog TreeHugger, Mongabay situng surprises appears unusual environments. For example, interviews with the young fighter Anaconda.


Web sites not involving the natural look of the best and the winner of the best photo. You can take photos and will also appear on the site.

10. Google Public Data

The graphics are breathtaking at / publicdata / home reveals everything from how the world's population has increased to the emissions of CO2 in the last 40 years. It's like a hidden gem, but with much research from Google, this site is really amazing.



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