Saturday, December 13, 2008

My First Homework As Blogger

Hello everybody, now I wouldn't write about internet marketing as usual. But now, I want to write my homework. Homework? Yes, home that I get from one of my friend Sang Milyarder ( Thank before to give me this trust.

Ok, I will answer the homework, want to know the answer?

Here is the question :
1. Why do you blog called. . . . .
2. Why blog template you use this?
3. Gen. what unforgettable in life?
4. Send this homework to 10 friends bloggers!

and the answer is :
1. My blog named with Dunia Bisnis Indonesia because there is 3 reason
a. I am Indonesian Blogger
b. I love My Indonesia, The Greatest Country In The World
c. I also internet marketer, he..he..
2. I am using this template cause I can't buy premium template, he..he.. Yes I like this template because this template is optimized for business. Just it.
3. The Unforgetable moment in my life is entering blogging world. Since I know Blogging, I got so many friends. Its truly great
4. Ok this homework will be continued to :
a. Ociem
b. Matahari Siank
c. Tukang Arsip
d. a2i3s-cool
e. BlagaBlogger
f. Romeo Gadungan
g. Sekitar Kita
h. Bayoe Arwani
i. dewamira
j. yoyopeblog

Always keep in touch, OK?



Anonymous said...

O..O..O..Ada juga yang ngerjain PR disini ya?

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